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Loops for Prime Numbers
Looped Scripts
Branding, Buttons, Brain
Fun with Functions
PDF Files and FileMaker
FileMaker Security
FileMaker's Reputation
FileMaker Data Separation

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Prime numbers list to 100,000, created with FileMaker
... "Evaluating numbers one by one isn't very efficient -- human interactions and distractions take more time than the script." [Click here for full article...]

Looped scripts and the complete HTML color chart
... "The first step in using loops is to determine whether scripted loops are the best way to handle a project." [Click here for full article...]

Visual languages: Branding, buttons, and the brain
... "As with more standardized symbols, the visual images should diagram something well enough to appear intuitive, or at least easily identifiable." [Click here for full article...]

Fun with FileMaker functions
... "I've selected this sample to demonstrate that some text cleanup formulas are so long that you'd never, ever want to copy them from field to field." [Click here for full article...]

PDF file creation and FileMaker
... "However, experienced FileMaker users know that FileMaker isn't always the best choice to create PDF files, especially PDFs from larger reports." [Click here for full article...]

Lack of respect for FileMaker: Deserved or not?
... "FileMaker's evolution as a product could be a part of that perception, at least with older professionals who remember specific shortcomings of past versions. But what else could be holding FileMaker back?" [Click here for full article...]

Data separation: Ideal and easy with FileMaker
... "Without exception, one practice I've never seen in user-created databases is data/logic separation." [Click here for full article...]

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